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Berger Blog

Expanding the discussion of Generatonal issues in organizations, Leadership, and Individual & Professional Growth.

Expanding my thinking

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Generational differences within an organization’s structure – and the inability or unwillingness to confront them – is beginning to be one of the un-examined causes of the failures of systems. Many Baby Boomers are moving closer to retirement while others are just digging in to leadership roles, while the next group – the Gen X-ers – are ready to step up as well. Trouble is that they haven’t been involved in the bridge-building process across the generational divide that is critical to the long term success of organizations (and the company’s retirement portfolio!). Complicting things, the next group -- the Millenials -- are entering into the scene with their own outlook and style. Many feel that this group is the one that will set the tone for the business world much in the way the Boomers did in the 60s and 70s. We build awareness and understanding for all of these generation groups to build the capacity of both current and future leaders to communicate, work, and evolve into the future that awaits us all. Are you thinking about how messy this is about to get? Will we manage this and not get in our own way?
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